LED Grow Tube


Type: LED Grow Tube

Discription: 1.60W Widely used in Nursery, Plants factory, Indoor places, Grow tent etc. led doubleside grow tube light2.IP65 led doubleside grow tube light。

Name:T10 18W Led plant grow light tube IP:IP44

Item specifics:

Name:18W T10 led 900MM tube plant grow light--Tor Tomato strawberry


LED Quantity:18Pcs*1W



Luminous Flux:113.4-138.6LM


Ambient Temperature:-20°-40°


Net Weight:0.40KG


Red light: It can promote the photosynthesis and release more oxygen, exposed at least 4h per day.

Blue light: It can stimulate plant to increase organic protein and accelerate the growth of seeding, exposed at least 4h per day

Conclusion: When both light applied simultaneously, they can shorten the growth cycle of plants greatly.

Product features:

1.Imported LED chips ensuring high efficiency, low power consumption, and stable performance;

2.Solid light source, durable, and safe;

3.Transparent PC cover with excellent light penetration

4.Coping the demand for different application, multiple wavelengths are available for selection

5.Power supply with wide voltage input (AC100V-240V) for global application

6.Internal ballast: high power factor, high efficiency, stable and high safety factor

7.Efficient heat sink design using superconducting aluminum as thermal conductivity material

8.Energy saving for 60 – 80% compared with the traditional High pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps

9.Chip set life up to 50,000 hours, power supply life up to 3 years

10.No thermal radiation, no strobe/flickering, no UV radiation

11.Environmental friendly, no hazardous material like lead and mercury

12.Used Japanese Ruby long life capacitors, providing longer life protection for lighting device


For nursery, plant factories, flower gardening, vegetable greenhouses, indoor plant as supplemental lighting

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