Basic Procurement Policy

QEE shall:
(1)comply with all applicable laws and regulations in different jurisdictions and pay due consideration to the environment; and
(2)provide existing and potential suppliers with equal opportunities for co-operations with QEE.(3)undertake to establish better partnerships with suppliers based on mutual understanding and trust.

Policy for Selecting Suppliers

While selecting suppliers, priority shall be given to companies satisfying the following criteria:
(1)The company complies with laws, regulations and has strong emphasis on human rights and environmental consciousness.
(2)The company has sound business operations and financial positions.
(3)The company has the ability to supply goods and/or services to QEE with appropriate quality, price and reasonable delivery lead-time.
(4)The company is capable of providing a stable supply of goods and/or services.? Also the company must have the flexibility to respond quickly to supply/demand fluctuations.
(5)The company possesses technology that contributes positively to QEE.

Supplier Expectations

QEE conducts business globally, involving a wide range of products. In order that you can partner with us in supplying the best products to our customers, we expect the following performance from our suppliers. We also request our suppliers to notify their suppliers regarding QEE Procurement Policy.
(A)Compliance with Laws, Regulations and Social Customs
Suppliers are required to ensure compliance with laws, regulations and appropriate social customs of the countries and/or regions in which they operate.
Ensuring compliance with the prevailing laws and regulations in the countries and/or regions in which they operate include anti-trust laws, commercial codes, subcontractor regulations, foreign exchange laws, personal privacy laws, copyright laws, etc.

(B)Considerations to Human Rights , Labor, Health and Safety
Suppliers are encouraged, in all business activity, to respect basic human rights and to establish safe and clean working environment as far as possible.
Prohibition of forced labor, inhumane treatment and infringement of human rights, child labor, and discrimination
Encourage to payment of appropriate wages, regulation of working hours and ?respect to freedom of association
Establishment of safe and clean working environment
(C)Environmental Considerations
Suppliers are encouraged to engage vigorously in activities to create environmentally friendly LED products. This is based upon the belief that humankind has a fundamental responsibility to bequeath the irreplaceable global environment in a flourishing condition to succeeding generations.
Suppliers are encouraged to adopt ISO 14001-based environmental management systems and to promote third-party certification.
Suppliers are encouraged to utilize parts and materials that have the smallest negative impact on the environment and to eliminate the use of potentially hazardous substances.
Suppliers are encouraged to promote environmental protection activities, such as, the establishment of positive environmental policies, the improvement of systems that affect the environment and to provide training opportunities in the area.
(D)Maintain Sound Business Operations and Financial Positions
Maintaining sound business operations over the long-term strengthens business relationships. Accordingly, suppliers are requested to disclose their management policies and the status of business operations including the annual financial statements.
(E)Securing Excellent Product Quality
Suppliers are expected to establish a quality assurance system to improve and maintain the quality of products delivered to QEE.? Suppliers should also comply with the safety standards of the countries and regions in which suppliers operate (e.g., CCC, JIS, Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law, UL, CE Marking, etc.)? Suppliers should be able to furnish goods and services on a continuous basis satisfying the specifications and quality required by QEE.
(F)Offering Goods and/or Services at Appropriate Prices
QEE targets to provide its own customers with products that are financially competitive and suppliers are therefore requested to review the prices of goods and/or services provided on a frequent basis in order to maintain their compatibility with other suppliers. 
(G)Firm Delivery Commitment and Establishment
Suppliers are requested to keep delivery commitments.? They are also requested to ensure that their systems can provide stable and flexible supply of goods and/or services in response to the rapid supply-demand fluctuations.
(H)Enhancement of Technological Capabilities
Suppliers are requested to continually improve their technological capabilities which will reinforce the partnership with QEE and enable QEE to provide excellent and safe products to its own customers.

Interested Supplier

If you are interested to become a supplier to QEE, you are always welcomed to contact us.

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