"Our vision lead us to a world of opportunities while our belief and determination lead us to success." --KC CHENG Chairman & CEO

K C Cheng, Chairman of QEE, is extremely happy to invest in the LED industry for a few reasons:

Benefit our future generation. With the surface of LED, lighting becomes possible in terms of shapes, energy saving, and the cost saving in construction of new building. With the concept in mind for designing new building, the power saving for applying all LED lighting will make sure our environment become more friendly and sustainable.

Lighting brings happiness. Close your eyes for a minute and ask yourself – are you happy? I think you will share my feeling too. Light effect especially with special designed purposes could create different mood for the environment, therefore, lighting design is an art which brings happiness to our environment.

Nutriting an excellent team. QEE has established with a vision to become success in the lighting business. We believe that nutriting the young and energetic team will not only benefit the QEE but also create good resources for China to make the East meets West work at QEE. Our management team with foreign educated background in training our local management team and working together will definitely create a great focus and influence in the LED Lighting industry in China.

Creativity is essential to success. QEE sees a lot of opportunities by applying LED Lighting in the creative areas, like consumer electronics, hotel, jewelry, fashion, beauty and medical applications. Such creativity will definitely bring a breakthrough to the Lighting industry. We do welcome creative ideas, anyone with good idea in mind please contact us to realize your dream and design.

Commitment to the LED industry. KC loves to see you all visiting QEE and discusses further about the ideas of LED lighting. Our commitment in helping customers as a lighting consultant will make you feel our professionalism and the fingertip solutions are always with you.

I wish all people working at QEE happy and work well in the new LED lighting platform to create happiness for others. I further wish our partners like you achieve a great milestone by applying new LED technology.

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